HPO Corporation is a group of innovative companies that seeks to satisfy its clients while contributing to the improvement of the environment, as well as to the development of its employees and the community.


To establish a solid leadership position in the production and marketing of  biofuels and to rank among the top three companies in Peru in the petroleum derivatives market, primarily through growth in the Liquid Fuels sub-market, with the goal of generating value while ensuring social responsibility. 


The HPO Corporation started its operations in Peruvian territory by opening its first service station called HERCO COMBUSTIBLE on June 28, 1997, in Lurin and continued its growth by developing a chain of service stations in the more central districts of the capital. These districts include Lurin, La Victoria, Breña and Callao. Today the service stations operate under a company named ESTACIÓN DE SERVICIOS HERCO S.A.C.


The next big step for the holding company was to start operating its HERCO COMBUSTIBLES S.A. storage and distribution terminal on March 4, 2002. This activity complemented its initial service station business and led the group to become a wholesaler of Liquid Fuels. HPO Holding has developed an expansion program, already permitted, that will increase the capacity of its terminal tenfold in order to meet pent-up demand in its region of influence.

In 2002, HPO Holding created a storage and distribution terminal for Other Petroleum Derivatives (OPD, or solvents) as well at its HERCO COMBUSTIBLES facility, in order to enter the Peruvian chemicals market. It expanded its wholesale activities by becoming a solvents wholesaler, operating under the company name of SOLAIR S.A.C. SOLAIR allowed the unmet needs of parallel markets to direct where it would extend its commercial activity. Years later, in 2010, in order to address the market need for high quality solvents-based products in end-user friendly smaller packaging, HPO Holding would go on to develop an exclusive partnership with a retail distributor named Zenyatta, who was already the market leader.

In 2002, HPO Holding also created a transport company, named GODTRANS PETROL S.A., basically in order to meet the transport needs of its own businesses. However, this new business also allowed HPO to better understand the standards expected in the industry and the service competitiveness demanded by the market.
Subsequently, HPO Holding ventured into the arena of biodiesel processing plants by beginning construction of its plant on April 1, 2005, under the company name HEAVEN PETROLEUM OPERATORS S.A. This would become the first biodiesel plant in Peru. Today it has an installed capacity of 120,000 gallons per day (2,857 barrels per day) of B100.

In mid-2011, HPO Holding successfully entered into the business of Aviation Fuel storage and distribution by opening its first facility in Nazca, in the department of Ica. It recently added another hydrant fueling facility at Padre Aldamiz International Airport in Puerto Maldonado, which was inaugurated in the first half of this year. This business is conducted under the name HERCO AVIACIÓN, a division of HERCO COMBUSTIBLES S.A. HPO Holding is developing a portfolio of projects related to Aviation Fuel facilities, which it hopes to implement in the near future.

Finally, in early 2014, HPO Holding expanded from participating strictly in the Liquid Fuels market. It entered the natural gas sub-market by adding the sale of Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) at its Mega Service Station in Callao, offering low and high fill rates. It also has a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) plant at the same Mega Service Station to service CNG transport trucks that, in turn, supply other service stations and industrial clients with CNG.

HPO Holding is aware of the fundamental role played by natural gas in the country’s energy matrix and also has a portfolio of projects in that domain to implement in the short term.