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First export of Refined Glycerin
21 de Agosto de 2019

HPO Corp, two years after having started the construction and installation of the first glycerin refinery in Peru (located in Lurin), started operations on Saturday, July 20, 2019, carrying out its first export. It is expected to reach its maximum plant capacity of (3,000 tons per month) by the end of this year.
Its general manager, Samir Abudayeh, said that such volume will allow them to meet 100% of local demand, which is now fully covered by import. However, the largest production will go abroad.
"Peru imports 6,000 tons per year of glycerin and in two months we could cover everything. Now we have agreements with major traders in the world to sell the product, "he said.
He said that the main markets will be China, the United States and Central America. Meanwhile, they also look at potential demands in Turkey, Africa and Ecuador.
The investment finally grew to US $ 30 million due to improvements in the design and potential seen in the glycerin business.


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